Virtual reality

In this unique and innovative treatment method the action projected on a screen makes the viewer experience a sense of activity and presence, as if it were happening in reality. In a virtual reality environment created with advanced technologies, the user moves objects and receives visual and auditory feedback in response to his actions.

This is an additional platform where patient and therapist can discuss the difficulties faced by the patient in the course of the rehabilitation process, and an opportunity to revisit the strategies learned at individual sessions of occupational therapy. For example, a patient dealing with the hemispatial neglect, will be asked to perform tasks and respond to stimuli set up for him by the occupational therapist on the left side of the screen.

The tasks are varied and interesting, many of them implemented as fun games, such as blasting balloons moving in different directions, rafting, goal keeping by kicking the football while avoiding distractors, shooting at enemy spaceships, and more.

Application for Clinical Treatment

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