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The Nutrition and Diet Service at Lowenstein Hospital provides appropriate and balanced nutrition to the hospital patients. The Service staff will suit a diet for patients with special dietary requirements, while assessing their nutritional needs according to the state of their health, and tracks and monitors the results of the dietary treatment. In addition, the Service staff provide guidance to patients and their relatives in preparation for discharge, and provides group training on the topics of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and obesity.

At the head of the Nutrition and Diet Service is Rachella Ben Altbatt, who built up the service and has work in it as a dietician since its establishment in 1987. Today, another dietician, Yonit Habuba, works alongside her. The dieticians work as part of a multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with doctors, nurses, communication therapists, the hospital kitchen and dining department, auxiliary staff and the patient him/herself.

The importance of nutritional intervention makes diet therapy an integral part of rehabilitation. The dietary
intervention is conducted from the initial call from the medical staff departments and until the necessary achievements are reached. The principle diagnoses that require dietary treatment at the hospital are enteral feeds, swallowing disorders, states of malnutrition, pressure sores, weight loss, control of new diabetes, and more.

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The prolonged hospitalization at the rehabilitation hospital offers patients an opportunity to improve their nutritional situation and allows the dietician to better know the patient and to monitor the results of the treatment.

In addition to the regular activity at Lowenstein Hospital, the Nutrition and Diet Service has also  been participating these past two years in an international nutrition research named Nutrition Day.

Head Dietician: Rachella Ben Altbatt

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