Our history at Loewenstein

Loewenstein Hospital was founded by the Clalit Health Fund in 1959 and has been operating in its current form ever since.

To date, the hospital treated over 100,000 patients who received the most professional, high-quality, and innovative care in the field of rehabilitation.

The history and therapeutic tradition of Loewenstein are intertwined with the changing needs of Israeli society.

1959 – Establishment of Loewenstein Hospital by Clalit. The hospital was comprised of two departments:  Neurological Rehabilitation and Spine and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

1973 – Inauguration of the main hospital building, opening of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Department.

1974 – Opening of ICU for rehabilitation of consciousness.

1976 – Establishment of a day center for head trauma patients in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense. The goal of the center is to treat patients with brain injury after initial rehabilitation carried out during full-time hospitalization.

1976 – Establishment of the Institute for Functional Assessment, where Loewenstein hospital staff members carry out patient evaluations for the National Insurance Institute.

1981 – Establishment of the Vocational Rehabilitation Center within the Loewenstein hospital compound as a joint initiative of Clalit, the National Insurance Institute, and the Zucker- Goren-Goldstein foundation.

1985 – Establishment of the Friends of Loewenstein Hospital Association.

1990 – Establishment of an independent unit for the rehabilitation of children and youths.

1995 – Inauguration of the Fleischmann Building, where most therapeutic and diagnostic services for the community and for the population of post-hospitalization rehabilitation patients are concentrated.

2008 – Start of construction of the new Hellenberg hospital wing.

2009 – Loewenstein Hospital  celebrates its 50th jubilee.

2013 – Inauguration of the new Hellenberg hospital wing.

2015 – Loewenstein Hospital successfully and with distinction passed the JCI (Joint Commission International) assessment for international accreditation.

2015 – Beginning of the renovation of the main wing of the hospital.

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