Driving Skills Clinic

Do you have any reason to doubt your driving skills?

Have you had an illness or head injury and feel anxious about driving again?

Are you concerned that your elderly father’s driving may not be safe?

Who can benefit?

  • Any driver whose driving skills may be called into question, for example: elderly drivers, anyone who has suffered an acquired brain injury (head injury, stroke), patients with a progressive disease.
  • People finding it difficult to learn to drive.

What do we offer?

  • Evaluation of driving skills using various diagnostic tools, a driving simulator and practical driving evaluation.
  • Driving rehabilitation, focusing on difficulties identified in the initial evaluation.

How can we be reached?

  • Privately
  • With a physician’s referral (evaluation and treatment are not included in the health basket).
  • With a referral from the Medical Institute for Road Safety.


The clinic’s recommendations are recognized by the Medical Institute for Road Safety and can be an important tool in helping the attending physician.

Application for Clinical Treatment

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