Cognitive Clinic

Have you noticed a decline in your cognitive abilities? concentration?  memory? Is it affecting your behavior?

 Who can benefit?

Patients experiencing functional impairment as a result of overload, slower cognitive responses, difficulty in thinking clearly.

Cognitive deterioration may be the result of acquired brain injuries (stroke, traumatic head injuries, multiple sclerosis, etc.), or decreased cognitive ability due to age and overload.

Deterioration in cognitive abilities often leads to functional impairment.

The clinic offers you:

  • A comprehensive cognitive/functional evaluation process and appropriate intervention.
  • Intervention includes simulations of everyday life situations the patient finds difficult, and learning strategies for coping with them, as well as training and guidance.


The service is included in the health basket and may be obtained with a referral from an attending physician (and Form 17) or privately.

Application for Clinical Treatment

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