Attention and Concentration Clinic

Are you having difficultylistening to a lecture, managing your time, completing tasks?

Who can benefit?

Diagnosis of teenagers (over the age of 14) and adults.

At the Attention and Concentration Clinic (ADHD) Clinic, we offer thorough and comprehensive diagnosis to detect attention deficit issues that affect functioning. Diagnosis is carried out by professionals from a number of fields. We use computer testing (TOVA), which is an important, accepted and reliable tool in the diagnostic process.

Depending on the results of the diagnosis, we offer an individualized and integrated treatment plan:

  • Teaching methods and strategies to improve everyday functioning.
  • Providing ADHD-appropriate learning strategies.
  • When necessary, drugs are prescribed in order to improve patients’ ability to focus.

The diagnosis and treatment are not included in the health basket.

Application for Clinical Treatment

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