Occupational Therapy

Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Services at Loewenstein Hospital!

The Occupational Therapy Department is located on the first floor, and some departments also provide occupational therapy services in the wards themselves. Patients receiving occupational therapy services are treated by a professional and experienced team of practitioners consisting of about 50 occupational therapists.

The intervention plan is tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient.

What is occupational therapy?

A rehabilitation profession offering a range of therapies designed to enable maximal functioning and improved quality of life in order to:

  • Improve functioning and independence.
  • Prevent functional impairment.
  • Maintain existing capabilities.

Who can benefit?

In what setting is the therapy provided?

  • Inpatient hospitalization.
  • Outpatient care.
  • Ambulatory clinic.

So what exactly do we do?

  1. Evaluate functional capacities following injury.
  2. Treatment:
  • Sensory and motor rehabilitation of the upper limbs

Strengthening and improving motor control, sensory rehabilitation, encouraging use of arms/hands with motor impairment, splinting, pressure dressings and scar management, ergonomics (adapting the home and work environment) and more.

  • Cognitive therapy

Improving memory, cognitive processes, attention and concentration, perception, orientation, planning, judgment, control and more.

  • Social-behavioral therapy

Improving social skills.

  • Everyday activities

Eating, dressing, personal hygiene, handling money, cooking and housework, etc.

  • Occupation

Guidance and assistance to enable functioning at work, school, etc.

  1. Consultation and guidance.

How is this accomplished?

The therapeutic treatment is provided at the patient’s bedside or in the occupational therapy room, using various tools such as computers, work sheets and motor accessories.

In addition, therapeutic treatment is provided in workshops simulating everyday situations, in the therapeutic kitchen, ceramic workshop, therapeutic garden, computer workshop, etc.

Two therapeutic frameworks are available: Individual and group.

What next?

Towards the end of their hospital stay, the patient and their family will be provided with guidance and counseling on continued treatment.

If necessary, the patient will be referred to the occupational therapy unit for further treatment in the community and/or home visits to adapt the home environment.

In addition:

The public is invited to participate in workshops designed to improve memory, learning skills, handwriting, etc.

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