Our inpatient and day-care departments and units at Loewenstein

The hospital contains approximately 300 beds in seven departments and a specialized day-care unit.

The departments and the units at Loewenstein Hospital have designated specializations: department staff, physicians, and professional teams of medical therapists form organic teams with vast accumulated experience and expertise in types of injury characteristic for every department. Patients in each department receive treatment from a team with specialized skills in the area of their injury. The added value to patients includes physicians, nurses, and therapists who are used to work as a team and have concrete experience treating similar injuries.

This advantage allows patients to receive personal rehabilitation programs optimized for their rehabilitation potential.

  • Spinal Rehabilitation Department
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Department
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Department 2
  • Brain Rehabilitation Department 3
  • Children and Youth Rehabilitation Department
  • Intensive Care and Rehabilitation of Consciousness Department
  • Day Care Unit

Application for Clinical Treatment

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