The Sexual Therapy Clinic

Sexual therapy and rehabilitation

The Sexual Therapy Clinic of Lowenstein Hospital deals with sexual dysfunctions within the rehabilitative population. The department gives care to male and female inpatients and outpatients who suffer from different problems in sexual function due to head injury or disease.

Dr. Shmuel Shapira is experienced in sexual therapy and rehabilitation since 1986. Dr. Shapira specialized in sexual rehabilitation within Lowinstein Hospital over the years 1993-1994, he holds certificate on behalf of the Israeli Society of Sexual Medicine and as well he has gained recognition as a qualified couple and family therapist on behalf of The Israel Association for Couple and Family Therapy.

Diseases as well as brain damages might harm the function of sexual therapy patients in numerous ways, and inversely –sexual dysfunction makes it difficult to deal with the rehabilitation process. Sexual dysfunction reflects on any aspect of the patient’s life – physical, behavioral, cognitive and mental.

The Sexual Therapy Clinic of Lowenstein Hospital acts in various ways in order to give reply to these problems and to assist with the patients’ quality of life as an integral part of the rehabilitation process.

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