The Pain Rehabilitation Clinic

The Pain Rehabilitation Clinic at the Lowenstein Hospital helps patients who suffer from chronic pain, which may have multisystem  indications: physical, emotional, mental, functional and social. About 11% of the population suffer from chronic pain, defined as pain that lasts more than six months and causes a hindrance to functionality, suffering, harm to the quality of life and sometimes even disability. The clinic treats patients from the hospital and from the community who suffer from back and neck pain, pain after the loss of a limb, pain after a stroke, headaches after head trauma, chronic inflammation of ligaments or tendons, muscle aches and more. The objective of the treatment is to help them lower the intensity of their pain and suffering, reduce the dosage of medication and to allow them to return to school, work and family.

At the head of the clinic is Dr. Motti Ratmanski, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, a graduate of training in the field of pain rehabilitation at a rehabilitation hospital in Boston.The Pain Rehabilitation Clinic at the Lowenstein Hospital

The multi-disciplinary staff at the unit operate in accordance with a joint outline, in a manner that has been proven more effective than individual treatment by pain rehabilitation professionals. Patients first undergo a medical and functionality evaluation by a pain rehabilitation doctor, who reports to the referring physician about the rehabilitation potential and treatment recommendations. If needed, evaluation is also conducted by other team members – physiotherapist, psychologist, occupational therapist, social worker and nurse. A comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation program is drawn up for each patient, coordinated by a pain rehabilitation doctor, and combining various treatments as needed: medical treatment, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, medical hypnosis, psychiatric treatment and social intervention. The patient is discharged at the end of the rehabilitation program with recommendations for further support treatment in the community and for appropriate living habits.


The medical staff

  • Director: Dr. Motti Ratmanski
  • Doctor: Dr. Yifat Sandler
  • Nurse: Olly Barkan

Application for Clinical Treatment

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