Children and Youth Rehabilitation Department

Accidents, injuries, and neurological trauma also occur in the young. Rehabilitation of a young person happens at a pace that matches the life of a young person. A young person’s rehabilitation is dynamic and active, driven by the intention to return the individual to independent functioning.

The main objective of the rehabilitation of a young person is rapid return to normal life in the best possible manner, including employment, family life functioning, interpersonal relations, and full realization of the individual’s potential.

The department specializes in the rehabilitation of children and youths aged 3 to 18, who have undergone various types of injuries and diseases—car accidents, falls, acts of terrorism, surgery, tumors, damage to the nervous system, and orthopedic injuries—and who are in need of rehabilitation, functional assessment, or both.

Our accumulated experience suggests that a rehabilitation process that takes place shortly after the injury can lead to the restoration of optimal functioning. These are young people whose lives changed dramatically because of an accident or illness. They suffer from impaired functioning, and the rehabilitation process allows them to return as soon as possible to independent, high-quality living for years to come.


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