Our vision

Our vision at Loewenstein

Loewenstein Hospital, the largest and leading Israeli rehabilitation hospital, will always be at the forefront of rehabilitation treatment and lead the field of medical rehabilitation worldwide, in quality and innovation, care, professionalism, academic studies, research, teaching and training of rehabilitation personnel, for the sake of patients and their families, and remain a source of attraction for the best minds in the field.

Our mission at Loewenstein

To extend the life of our patients and improve its quality by realizing the rehabilitation potential and achieving the best possible results through rehabilitation programs custom-tailored for each patient.

Our values at Loewenstein

• Compassion and humanity—which characterize our people and are cultivated as a long-standing tradition.
• Professionalism—we are committed to our professional rules and to organizational and academic learning as part of our ongoing quest for excellence.
• Quality—we are committed to the best quality in every interaction with patients and their families, and we work constantly to improve quality.
• Innovation—in treatment we combine advanced rehabilitation methods and technologies to realize the maximum rehabilitation potential of each patient.
• Service orientation—we make sure that all hospital services are available, accessible, and friendly to patients and their relatives.
• We are family—we provide support, encouragement, and backing to patients and their relatives by creating the atmosphere of tolerance and a family feeling.

Our patients at Loewenstein

Our patients are children from the age of 3, teenagers, young people, soldiers, and adults who suffer from functional impairment following diseases, traffic accidents, terror acts, combat, hostilities, and other injuries.

The injuries include:
• Stroke
• Brain injury
• Spine and spinal cord injury
• Orthopedic impairment of the limbs, following amputation, fracture, or joint replacement
Our patients come from all walks of life and from all insurers across the country and around the world.

Our human approach at Loewenstein

Alongside our professional commitment, we display great human sensitivity and sympathy toward patients and their families, who come to us at a significant crossroad in their lives.
We recognize and understand their distress, fears, and expectations, we accept their manifestations, and transform them into a driving force that rebuilds the patient’s humanity, self-image, and ability to reintegrate into life, family, and society.

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