Our concept of expertise

The concept of rehabilitation treatment at Loewenstein is that of active rehabilitation with dedicated specialization, carried out by multi-disciplinary teams, so that each patient receives comprehensive treatment from the best doctors and rehabilitation therapists from a variety of health professions.

The organizational structure and infrastructure of the hospital, adapted to our concept of expertise, allow achieving high levels of professionalism and expertise in treating every patient in need of rehabilitation.

We have separate departments or  units specializing in specific areas of injury. Every specialized department has an organic multidisciplinary team, each and every member of which has extensive accumulated experience and broad knowledge in the area of specific expertise of the department.

As a result, hospital physicians are at the forefront in various fields of rehabilitation medicine and enjoy international recognition and reputation. The therapeutic teams in various health professions represent professional excellence in each area of rehabilitation and serve as centers of learning and clinical experience.

Residents and students majoring in health professions consider specialization at Loewenstein as a professional challenge. Loewenstein is a teaching hospital affiliated with the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. For decades, senior Loewenstein physicians have served as heads of the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Department heads, senior physicians, and health profession teams serve as lecturers, clinical instructors, and mentors in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and at the School of Health Professions at Tel-Aviv University and at other academic institutions.

Loewenstein Hospital delegation to Kiev, Ukraine. January 2017

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