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Лобби реабилитационного центра Левинштейн

Loewenstein Hospital, a member of the Clalit Group, is the largest and the leading Israeli hospital in the field of rehabilitation medicine.

Loewenstein is renowned and appreciated worldwide because of its accumulated experience and original thinking. Specialists at our hospital, doctors and therapists, are considered to be leading innovators in their fields. Rehabilitation tools developed at Loewenstein are being used in the largest and leading rehabilitation hospitals worldwide.

At Loewenstein there is the highest concentration of rehabilitation specialists in the country. Each of our professionals has unique and in-depth knowledge in a particular field of rehabilitation. Loewenstein departments specialize by type of injury. Department staff is organized in organic teams with extensive cumulative experience and undisputed expertise in their fields.

All of us at Loewenstein, physicians, rehabilitation nursing staff, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, social workers, and others, provide the best rehabilitation treatment, using innovative technologies and offering advanced medical services. At the same time, we are at the forefront of academic learning, teaching, and research, mostly in cooperation with the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, with which the hospital is affiliated.

The patients and their families are in the focus of our attention and at the center of our activity. Our primary objective is to achieve a long life and a better quality of life for those whose functioning has been severely impaired by injury or disease. Hospital staff has the knowledge and experience needed to extend the life of our patients and to teach them the skills that improve the quality of life by improving functioning.

Our approach is comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and aimed at the physical, mental, and social welfare of each patient. In addition to addressing the patient’s physical condition and performance, we also make sure that his and his family’s views are appropriate for a situation of uncertainty and suitable for creating the appropriate post-hospitalization environmental conditions.

In October 2013, we inaugurated the new hospital wing named after the late Aeneas Hellenberg of blessed memory, built with the focus on the particular needs of the patients. The new wing contributes to reducing the overcrowding in hospital wards and improves physical conditions, bringing them to the level of the highest standards worldwide, for the benefit of patients and their families during prolonged hospitalizations.

In 2015, the hospital began the renovation of the old central wing in order to bring it up to the level of the leading standards worldwide.

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