Loewenstein is a leader in the world of rehabilitation

Based on treatment results

The achievements of our patients are comparable with the results of the best rehabilitation units in the world and better than in most countries.

Because of the development of diagnostic tools:

Hospitals and rehabilitation departments worldwide use diagnostic tools developed at Loewenstein.

Thanks to our contribution to guiding the approach to therapy:

The effort and desire to achieve the best  possible results, in accordance with the assessments  we developed, dictate the therapeutic approach at which we are aiming. This therapeutic approach has been adopted everywhere our diagnostic tools are used.

Because of tradition, knowledge, and accumulated experience

Senior doctors and therapists in Israel and worldwide undergo rehabilitation training at Loewenstein.

Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital – Israel’s largest and leading rehabilitation hospital. The Clalit Group.

 Rehabilitation of Isaac Ashkenazi in Loewenstein Hospital

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